The best prices for botox, dysport and Xeomin on the Gold Coast

We can provide individualised quotes via email or a complementary consultation to tailor a plan to suit your needs in line with your budget. There are no consult fees and no additional fees for new patients coming for injectables at Chevron Advanced Medical. 

If you have any specific questions that reception may not be able to answer, please send us an email or leave your details with reception - and our doctor will give you a call back. 

General Prices:
  • Brand D - European (requires 2.5 times the dose of Brands B and X to achieve a similar effect). 
    • from $3.40 to $3.90 with our nurse.
    • from $3.40 to $4.40 per unit with our doctor.
  • Brand X - German (the newest).
    • from $9 to $12 per unit with our doctor.
  • Brand B - American (the original). 
    • from $9 to $13 per unit with our doctor.
  • Feel free to use our price calculator to get an exact price.

Popular Treatments:
  • Jaw line slimming / masseters with our doctor
    • Brand D = $450 for 125 units ($3.60 per unit)
    • Brand X = $500 for 50 units ($10 per unit)
    • Brand B = $550 for 50 units ($11 per unit)