Bro-Tox for Men

Brotox Gold Coast

Bro tox has rocketed into popularity over the past few years. According to ISAPS (The International Society of Plastic Surgery) it is the number 1 non surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide for men.

Botox for men on the Gold Coast

So what is bro tox and why is it becoming mainstream?

Bro tox is actually the same product in men and women, but there are subtle differences in the way it should be done. The differences in anatomy will be taken into account by your doctor at GC Injectables. Men will usually require higher doses than women due to their stronger facial muscles. When using our price and unit calculator, men should generally select the "recommended" or "high" option for their dosage. 

There are many reasons why bro tox keeps gaining popularity: it is fast-acting and results last months without any downtime. Expertly performed bro tox injections can help a man look refreshed without anyone noticing that he had work done. The rejuvenating effects can help boost self-confidence to maintain a virile, energized look that matches just how vigorous you feel. Men aren't immune to the aging process, and with changing societal norms, many more men are giving it a try.

Choose an injector who is experienced with bro tox for men - come to GC Injectables. Feel free to book online or give us a call. If you have any questions that reception may not be able to answer, please leave your details and Dr Andrew Thant will get in touch.

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