Jawline Slimming

Jaw slimming gold coast
Have you noticed your jaw becoming more square with time? Do you grind your teeth at night? Muscle relaxant injections can be used to soften and slim down your jawline, with the added benefit of improving bruxism (teeth grinding). The trend that started in Asia is now becoming more popular around the world.

The treatment explained:
The masseter muscle is one of the main muscles responsible for clenching your jaws. Weakening this muscle results in a slimmer jaw line to help achieve a "V" shaped face. Care must be taken to not inject too much into the masseters, otherwise a hollowing out of the face can occur. Your practitioner will know how much to inject. In general, 20 units each side (total 40 units) is a good starting point.

Botox jawline slimming Gold Coast
The masseter muscle.

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