Lip wrinkles, which are also called mouth lines, perioral lines, smoker's lines or lipstick lines, are the vertical lines that can be seen arising from the lips. These are most prominent in the upper lips. Anti wrinkle injectables can be used to help smooth out the appearance of lip lines with the added bonus of producing subtle poutier looking lips.

Vertical lip lines

lip lines after treatment with botox
An example of lip lines treatment with anti wrinkle injectables. 4 to 12 units are typically required. Individual reults will vary.

The treatment explained:
The orbicularis oris muscle is mainly responsible for vertical lip lines. It is a sphincter muscle, which pulls the lips inwards towards the centre. Relaxing this muscle helps ease the vertical lip lines, as well as giving your lips a slightly more outwards pout.

Vertical lip lines orbicularis oris
The orbicularis oris muscle.

This treatment will affect the way you control your lips, so it may not be suitable for people who require the fine controls needed for playing musical instruments with their mouths.

Treatment of lip lines will cost an additional $80 when combined with at least 1 major area.

Anti-wrinkle injections