An eyebrow lift can be achieved using muscle relaxant injections. It is one of the most popular treatments. Here is an example of a unilateral brow lift experience (not treated here) to give you an idea of what can be achieved. It should be noted that muscle relaxant injections are temporary, lasting approximately 3 months. 

A brow lift will add $30 to $50 to the total cost of your treatment when combined with at least 1 major area.

The treatment explained:
Let's discuss the anatomy behind the mechanism.

botox brow lift Gold Coast

before a botox brow lift
The top photo shows a subtle brow lift, in conjunction with treatment of crows feet. Individual results will vary.

There are two main muscles acting on the eyebrows. The frontalis muscle pulls the eyebrows up (the "elevator"). The orbicularis oculi muscle pulls the eyebrow down (the "depressor"). Strategic targeting of the orbicularis oculi muscle reduces the resistance of the upwards pull of the frontalis muscle, resulting in a brow lift. Subtle lifts can be achieved with low doses.

Dysport brow lift Gold Coast
The major muscles acting on the eyebrows.

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