Forehead Lines

Treatment of forehead lines is generally the most affordable out of the three TGA-approved areas for use of anti-wrinkle injections. Typically, 10 to 30 units are required.

Case History:
This gentleman aged in his 30s wanted to treat his forehead wrinkles to prevent them from becoming deeper with time. 18 units of Brand X was injected along strategic points on his forehead. The pre and post photos were taken 2 weeks apart and shows him trying to raise his eyebrows as much as he can.

Gold Coast botox to forehead wrinkles
Before treatment: raising the eyebrows

Client wrinkling his forehead after treatment with xeomin on the Gold Coast.
2 weeks after treatment: raising the eyebrows

The treatment explained:
The frontalis is the main muscle responsible for the wrinkling of your forehead. It lifts the eyebrows, causing horizontal lines across the forehead. Anti-wrinkle medication administered into the frontalis relaxes the muscle, smoothing out the dynamic lines.

Xeomin can be used to relax the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles. It is similar, if not better than botox.
Muscles associated with forehead lines.

The orbicularis oculi muscle counteracts the upwards pulling of the frontalis. In people with heavy upper eyelids, anti-wrinkle injections may cause a sense of heaviness in the eyebrows. Over treatment of the frontalis muscle with too much anti wrinkle injectables in the lateral parts can result in a brow droop. This can be offset with a lateral brow lift which targets the orbicularis oculi muscle..

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