Treatment of bunny lines with anti wrinkle injections are available at Chevron Advanced Medical. Bunny lines refer to the lines on the bridge of your nose created by the nasalis muscle. They occur when you scrunch up your nose, either when frowning or smiling. Bunny lines are often treated in conjunction with frown line treatment. Please note that this is an off-label use for this medication.

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An example of bunny lines on the bridge of the nose.

The nasalis muscle causes bunny lines
The nasalis muscle causes bunny lines.

Over treating the frown lines can actually result in bunny lines. The is because our facial muscles are interconnected in many different ways. When your frown lines are paralyzed, your nasalis muscles can become over stimulated, resulting in bunny lines. Ironically, the treatment for bunny lines is also with anti wrinkle injections. By relaxing the nasalis muscle, these scrunch lines can be softened.

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