Are you thinking of getting your wrinkles treated? Or looking at ways to prevent the appearance of lines before they set in and become too deep? Anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure in Australia because they offer predictable results, have few adverse effects, and are associated with high patient satisfaction. There are currently 3 brands of anti-wrinkle injections available in Australia.

What are the 3 brands of anti-wrinkle injections?
Due to TGA regulations, we are not allowed to name the specific anti-wrinkle injection brands or companies on our website. We believe in patient choice and offer all 3 brands at GC Injectables. The newest brand contains the most purified form of the active ingredient.

How much does it cost?
See our simplified list of fees here. If you are unsure what anti-wrinkle injections are about, or have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email. Anti-wrinkle injections are scheduled medications and require a consult with a doctor prior to administration for your own safety. At GC Injectables, Dr Aung Thant will conduct your consult and administer the injections.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?
Anti-wrinkle injections are derived from natural purified proteins. It is delivered by small injections into the muscle. This blocks the communication between the muscle and nerve, which stops the muscle from contracting. Relaxing specific muscles can help smooth out wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections are approved for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles in adults on three areas: frown lines (glabellar), crow's feet (wrinkles around the sides of the eyes) and forehead lines. Any other cosmetic use is off-label. Anti-wrinkle injections are most effective for treating dynamic lines. These are lines that appear when your facial muscles are activated.

Illustration of TGA approved areas for treatment with anti-wrinkle injections.

What is the treatment process?
Our anti-wrinkle injections are administered by Dr Aung Thant. Based on his observations of your facial muscles and evaluation of the target muscle strength, he will determine where the injections are to be made and the dose recommended. Please read this guide on how to prepare for your treatment.

How many units do I need?
There is no simple answer to this. It depends on how strong your facial muscles are, the location of treatment and the degree of paralysis you wish to achieve. Feel free to send us an email to get an individualised response.

I don't want anyone to know I've had wrinkle injections. Is this possible?
Yes, you can opt for a natural, softened look. You can get the anti-wrinkle injections done in your lunch break and return to work straight after. The needle is so small that the injection sites remain discrete. You can apply makeup (gently) straight after the injections, if you wish to do so. 

Are the injections painful? 
We use fine micro syringes for all of our anti-wrinkle injections. These ultra thin needles ensure a smooth injection and minimises pain. A vibration device is used which blocks your pain nociceptors from sending signals to your brain. We provide cold packs and paracetamol if required. You can also choose to apply local anaesthetic cream 30 minutes before your appointment. Most patients do not require cold packs or anaesthetic creams due to the injection technique, with the sensation being described as a mild ant bite.

What are the side effects?
As with any medical treatment, there is a chance you may experience some side effects. This can include: pain, bruising, headache, nausea, swelling, dry eyes and asymmetrical muscle movement. This is expected to be temporary.

What are some treatment tips and precautions?
Do not touch your face for 4 hours. Avoid strenuous exercise, hot showers, spas or anything else that can cause your body temperature to rise prior to and after treatment. Please allow at least 24 hours before recommencing any exercise.

How long does the treatment last?
Anti-wrinkle injections typically last around 3 to 6 months, varying from person to person. We recommend a follow up visit with your doctor at approximately 2 weeks after your first treatment to assess the outcome and decide if a top-up injection is required.

Who cannot have anti wrinkle injections?
Cosmetic wrinkle injections must not be administered to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Other contraindications include medical conditions such as Myasthenia Gravis or Eaton-Lambert Syndrome. Precautions are advised for patients with Glaucoma.

What are the medical indications for Botulinum toxin?
Botulinum toxin can be used to treat many medical conditions including blepharospasm, strabismus, dystonias, urinary incontinence and more. However, you will need an appropriate referral from your GP to an appropriate specialist such as an ophthalmologist, urologist, etc.

Is there a Medicare rebate?
No, there is no Medicare rebate for anti-wrinkle injections. For the medical conditions listed above, you may be eligible for a rebate from your specialist if you have a valid referral from your GP.

Do you do dermal fillers?
At this point in time, we are not offering dermal fillers at GC Injectables. Fillers come with a lot of risks, sometimes resulting in permanent damage to your face.

How do I make a booking?
You can book online with Dr Aung Thant. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 07 5538 8811 to make a booking.